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Experts in Office Acoustics

Carterhatch AA can help you create an office that has excellent acoustic conditions to enhance wellbeing and productivity. We believe that acoustic comfort should always be judged from the perspective of the end user.

Solve Office Noise Problems

Let us guide you to practical and cost-effective solutions to your office noise problems.

We can help you:

  • Gain confidence to choose the most suitable acoustic solutions for your office space
  • Avoid wasting money on inappropriate or ineffective acoustic products
  • Reduce disturbance between work activity ‘zones’
  • Improve acoustic privacy for meeting rooms and private offices

You can benefit from our up-to-date knowledge on modern acoustic products and take the guesswork out of your plans. We use the latest assessment techniques to give you expert advice that is tailored to your needs. For more information on advances in office acoustic design, read our article published in the May/June 2021 edition of Facilitate Magazine – the publication of the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

Impartial Advice

Carterhatch AA is an independent acoustic design consultancy, and all our technical staff are members of the Institute of Acoustics. We will give you impartial, expert advice on how to improve acoustic conditions in your office.

Have Confidence in Us as a Fully Accredited Consultancy

Carterhatch AA is:

A member of the Association of Noise Consultants

The only acoustics specialist partner of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers

Safety Schemes in Procurement Approved

Trusted Experts

With clients including Mace, Total Projects Ltd, Mayden, Storm Building and ESS Modular, our expertise in office acoustics is relied on by Facilities Managers, Designers and Building Contractors.

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