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25 Milton Park

Refurbishment of an office building at Milton Park, Oxfordshire

This project entailed the refurbishment of a large office building at Milton Park (a science and technology business park in Oxfordshire).

The project scope was to provide acoustic assessments during the design and construction stages, which included:

  • Identifying suitable targets for important internal acoustic parameters (such as sound insulation performance, indoor noise levels and reverberation times) and providing advice on how the targets could be met;
  • Assessing noise from building services and developing measures to minimise the potential noise impact on nearby noise-sensitive receptors;
  • Demonstrating compliance with the requirements of BREEAM in relation to acoustic performance and reduction of noise pollution; and
  • Conducting the necessary post-construction noise measurements to confirm that the design aims have been accomplished.

The completed refurbishment forms part of the master plan for the improvement of the entire business park.

Project Team

Contractor: Total Projects Ltd
Mechanical Engineering: Enertech
Acoustic Consultancy: Carterhatch AA