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Pinewood Studios

A new office building for production staff

Carterhatch AA were appointed to provide acoustic design guidance for a new office building for production staff at Pinewood Studios. The new two-storey building contains mostly cellular offices. Therefore, the main aim was to achieve the appropriate sound insulation performance between offices. This required an assessment of the acoustic performance of the proposed separating walls and detailed guidance on the necessary changes to the design.

It was essential to design the junctions between the office separating walls and other structures (such as external walls, ceilings, floors and corridor walls) in a way that would limit the potential for flanking sound transmission.

To communicate the various recommendations, Acoustic Design Drawings were produced and presented to the other members of the design team. These gave clarity on which acoustic measures were needed in each area of the building and formed a useful reference guide for the site-based project managers during construction.

The desired sound insulation performance values were confirmed by acoustic testing after completion of the construction stage.

Project Team

Contractor: ESS Modular
Acoustic Consultancy: Carterhatch AA